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Roadside America: A tribe of titans, made of fiberglass and 14 to 25 feet tall, stands watch along the vibrant roadside landscape. They include lumberjacks, cowboys, and Indians, but the first statues we spotted held big car mufflers, so we named them "Muffler Men. Check for recent eyewitness tips and leads on Muffler Men, Uniroyal Gals and their ilk. Learn the types and characteristics of classics, hybrids, mutants -- their postures, their accessories, and their imitators.

Hone your spotter skills! Our specially configured Muffler Men Map reveals a happy continent of fiberglass giants. The original tracking chart lingers, full of our research and travelers' reports since we created the Muffler Men Home Page in Where do they come from?

Our interview with someone who really knows the "Origin of the Species. Friend or foe? Biding their time for 50 years, true intent and machinations are still hazy to the non-fiberglass population. Strange and amusing destinations in the US and Canada are our specialty. Start here. Use RoadsideAmerica. Trip Planning Caution : RoadsideAmerica.

giant fiberglass statues

Attraction status, hours and prices change without notice; call ahead! All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors.

Muffler Men Roadside America: A tribe of titans, made of fiberglass and 14 to 25 feet tall, stands watch along the vibrant roadside landscape. Neuman and Mortimer Snerd. Origins Where do they come from? Big Friend Extermination : The shame of the advertising industry. Uniroyal Gals : Perky Jackie Kennedy lookalikes. Frankenmuffler : Hard to explain.

giant fiberglass statues

Strange Sentries: Excursions across the border. True Tales : Accounts and revelations from the field.

Home of big fiberglass, plaster

Muffler Man Gifts and Gear : T-shirts, mugs, and other swag. The Muffler Men.

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Explore Thousands of Unique Roadside Landmarks!Two-lane blacktop. Small town. Large statue of a scaly sea monster, or a club-wielding caveman, or a humongous green vegetoid.

It's majestic, and you find yourself wondering, "Where do they build these big things anyway? A studio of commercial superlatives, it has worn the mantle of American titan-builder for over 30 years.

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Other notable fiberglass artists and regional companies ply their craft with skill, but FAST is still the place towns and businesses turn to when they want something eye-catching and stylishly impressive.

A list of every FAST creation would be tiresome and impossible, given the company's capricious record-keepingbut two of its biggest are the foot-long sea monster at House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin, and the foot-long muskie at the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin. The mighty muskie took nine months to sculpt in and is still the biggest fish in the world. Like all FAST creations, it's built of non-biodegradable fiberglass that will continue to awe travelers well into the 22nd century.

Traveling to FAST in hope of seeing some behemoth fresh out of the casting mold or paint shop would be hit-or-miss tourism. But FAST is still a satisfying destination thanks to its Mold Yarda grassy, open field behind the factory strewn with hundreds of molds from previous jobs.

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The tough fiberglass is available for jobs even in the depth of winter. The company welcomes curious visitors to the Mold Yard, but cautions against climbing on the fiberglass and advises tourists to watch out for wasp nests.

It has a peaceful junkyard ambience on a warm afternoon, where visitors can take their time pondering the Devil head next to the old woman who lives in a shoe, and the large, fat, mouse grinning among the weeds. Although Jim insisted that the molds were carefully categorized and organized "We would know if one disappeared.

As we pointed to individual favorites and asked, "What's that? A giant Native American became four titanic drummers that now pound a drum-shaped building on an Indian reservation. A huge brontosaurus head was part of a life-size dinosaur entryway to gas station in the Wisconsin Dells. Despite Jim's claim that "when you get big, you get stressful," he acknowledged that FAST has set the standard for roadside gargantuanism, and he shared our loathing of inflatable sculptures and their promoters.

FAST's reputation for size sometimes give its clients bigger dreams than they can afford. What's that gonna be like when you try to take that down the highway? Just kind of look around, cool down. Stories, reports and tips on tourist attractions and odd sights in Wisconsin.

Strange and amusing destinations in the US and Canada are our specialty. Start here. Use RoadsideAmerica.Produced using the strings of glass, fiberglass is made by driving liquid glass through a strainer that twists it into strings. Be that as it may, since the fiberglass pours as a fluid, it mirrors all the fine subtle elements of the shape. Concrete, then again, is thick and grainy and does not enter well into the fine detail of a form.

It is a perfect material for huge figures since it is light enough that individuals can move statues produced using it without the assistance of a crane. Fiberglass statues additionally cost significantly less to send than solid statues.

giant fiberglass statues

Obviously, fiberglass is likewise exceptionally solid. It is strengthened and is a similar material used to make vessel frames that are intended to withstand the stun and the components of the ocean without breaking. Concrete, while tough enough for open air applications, will break into pieces whenever hit or thumped over. Fiberglass is additionally a substantially less costly medium. We are pleased to offer a broad determination of fiberglass statues and figures.

Generally, these fiberglass works are scattered around in our different displays. Shop our Life like statues and bigger Sculptures of life figures. The absolute most normal subjects of these life estimate statues are the Greek and other such us life estimate statues are real copies of celebrated models like Michelangelo's David, Rodin's Eternal Spring, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, and Canova's Three Graces.

Works, for example, The Bather, the Four Seasons, and the more contemporary female are likewise extremely mainstream. A large number of these pieces are quite funneled and useful wellsprings.Fast Fiberglass has it's roots in designing and fabricating roadside attractions.

Eventually we decided to apply our artistic and creative capabilities to water slides and features. We are now proud to offer one of the largest and most unique selections of themed water features in the country! Take a look at the birthplace of some of the most famous tot and kiddie slides on the market!

Every product and project is custom in it's own way. Keep your eyes peeled at any water park and you will most likely find this or one of our other themed tot slides! Need 85 exact copies of your university mascot--No problem. Looking for a giant functional bobble head statue--Been there done that. You want a 20 foot tall dog that can also hold a taxi on it's nose--Child's play. We remain involved in a project from start to finish to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

giant fiberglass statues

Check it out here! FAST Fiberglass is the premier manufacturer of fiberglass statues, roadside attractions, themed water slides, and larger than life creations of all kinds. We have hand-crafted fiberglass into giant apples, pumpkins, cows, and attractions for thousands of organizations around the world. These sculptures are designed to withstand rigorous use and weather for decades with little maintenance requirements. Water slides, sprays, fountains, and more!

Customized products, just the way you want it. Experienced, Professional, Innovative, and Reliable.Custom Foam Logo with Popout Components. Custom Large Foam Photo Frames with metal stands. This worked great as a photo prop for their attendees. Custom Tooth Mailbox manfactured for Dental Office to display outdoors.

The wire steel brace added the perfect touch! Click here to purchase our Large 7 FT Barbell. Click here to purchase our Regular 4 FT Barbell. This giant foam spine was created to wrap around a 30" billboard sign pole. THe spine segments have steel frames that bolt to the pole. These giant 3D Foam signs can also be attached to buildings to theme the outside.

Used as decorations or for seats. These giant teeth props were made for a Dentist office for the the visitors to sit on. It's not a Jenga Game set. But our wood block tower game foam prop was created for Burger King. They had custom wording on the sides of the blocks.

The Gentleman who ordered this specific ring used it in his Proposal to his Girlfriend. Perfect for Displays, Retail and Events. This Full size foam 3D Pirate Party ship fits a 6 foot table in the stern. Perfect for Parties and Events.

Keep an Eye Out for Our. Spooky Halloween Sale. Scupture Enlargements from a physical or digital model.

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Our Print on Foam pieces make the perfect addition to any display! These 18 inch Tall Foam Baseball Hats were manufactured to be worn by existing gnome characters atop a restaurant.

They look quite spiffy for the Baseball Season! Order our standard red mushrooms or ask for custom colors.Lahontan Valley. Years ago someone asked me if I had ever seen any giant fiberglass cow statues in Nevada.

The list gets even longer if you look at giant neon sign objects like Wendover Will and Vegas Vic, the pair of electronic cowboys that grace Wendover and downtown Las Vegas.

Mold making/ Fiberglass Friday/fiberglass plugs episode 3

So where are some of the best of these enormous figures? The following are some of the most well known examples of this unique style of roadside art found around the state:. The cartoony Joe was built in the s and removed earlier this year after the Nugget was sold and the new owners decided to remodel the property. Fortunately for Joe, the Sparks Museum and Cultural Center recently arranged for him to be moved rather than destroyed. Plans call for him to eventually stand in front of the museum, which is located at Victorian Avenue in Sparks.

In the s, the foot fiberglass sourdough was relocated to the lot next to the candy shop. He stands feet, 4-inches tall and, when alive, weighed 2, pounds. He came to Elko following a challenge in to find the largest polar bear in the Arctic Circle. The bear was shot by an Eskimo in Alaska on an unknown date and purchased by Red Ellis, former owner of the Commercial. This black and white cow, which stands about 8 to 10 feet tall, apparently once stood on top of the Holy Cow Brewery in Las Vegas.

She it has giant udders—one can only imagine all the selfies that have been taken there was retired to the southwestern Nevada desert sometime in the s. Tucked between them is a giant bag of the candies with large replicas of the coated chocolate pellets falling from a torn end. Between the paws of the regal monolith is a smaller statue of an Egyptian pharaoh. The Vegas Sphinx is ten stories high and feet long—making it about 35 feet taller and 25 feet longer than the original.

Rich Moreno covers the places and people that make Nevada special. Home of big fiberglass, plaster Lahontan Valley. This giant fiberglass bovine, which once stood atop a Las Vegas brewpub, is an unlikely sight on Nevada State Route in the Amargosa Valley. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons.Let us help you repair or restore your Muffler Men and bring them back to life!

We can sand, repaint, repair, replace, restore any fiberglass Muffler Men and other pieces, and even fix internal damaged structure. Rent a Muffler Men and build a memory. A name tag, colors, or even an ax or tool can be added to your personal Muffler Men. Also if you ever dreamed with owning one of those big statues along the road from your last trip, now is your chance.

We are specialized in restoring fiberglass muffler man and other giant figures, as well as as making new ones.

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If you want to have permanently a giant figure that represents your business, or just shows a bit of your personality, we can customize it and make yours; perhaps wearing the colors of your team, wearing a flag, a tool or just with your name on a name tag.

Because we know how cool and attractive for people is to be around these giants, we offer renting services for your special events. If you need help with any of our services, a quote, more information or if you just want to come over and take pictures with our giants, get in touch with us.

We will be happy to help you.

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